Ultra Vision Fire & Security Icon Keep Watch Over Your Property With HD CCTV

CCTV systems are a great way to protect your business, home, property, possessions and loved ones. Ultra Vision F&S install CCTV systems that can be viewed remotely from your smartphone or computer, so that you can monitor your property wherever you are in the world

Ultra-Vision fire and security install state of the art equipment with full Ultra High Definition quality images, providing excellent vision at night.

Modern CCTV systems, are monitored by our customers via their smartphones, a 4-camera full HD system can be installed for the best, most competitive price -guaranteed! An Ultra Vision full HD CCTV system can stop would be thieves or burglars in their tracks.

Ultra Vision Fire & Security Icon Features of a CCTV Installation with Ultra Vision F&S

High Definition

Ultra-Visions full HD cameras give our customers the best possible pictures with crystal clear images.

Wide Dynamic Range

Ultra-Visions WDR function is intended to provide clear image performance in strong backlight areas such as exterior light coming through a window or glass door. High contrast light conditions are no longer a problem when you need to capture detailed images.

Highlight Compensation

Ultra Visions cameras super Low Light Performance have the ability to reverse bright points in the picture to black. As an effective approach to try to recognise a vehicle’s number-plate at night, HLC function can detect any spotlight diffused by object-vehicle and compensate it obtaining clearer image.

IR Illumination

With internal IR lamps Ultra Vision CCTV cameras will provide crystal clear images at night, self-illuminating the surveyed areas.

Ultra Vision Fire & Security Icon Benefits of a CCTV Installation with Ultra Vision F&S


Remote Monitoring

Ultra Vision F&S can link your smart phones, tablets and PC’s to the CCTV system so you can monitor your premises wherever you are in the world; you can dial into your system and make sure everything is as it should be with a click of a button; check staff are acting as they should be and check your premises when your security system notifies you of a break in, allowing you to alert the authorities and give vital information to the Police.

Solve Crimes

When police authorities need more evidence to convict guilty suspects, Ultra Visions HD video recordings can be used in court to testify against intruders. Indeed, the presence of surveillance systems can speed up police investigations, before another person falls prey to the same criminal.

Prevents Crimes

Ultra Visions HD CCTV installations can prevent crimes! According to ‘Crime Prevention Assist’ So when surveillance cameras are positioned correctly, they can aid in preventing theft, assault, and other offences. When felons know that premises are being monitored or recorded, they will think twice before committing any criminal act.


At Ultra Vision F&S we have several decades of experience in installing and maintaining CCTV systems, each of our engineers has at least 10 years of experience, our aim is to install state of the art equipment using the world’s leading manufacturers, our customers can rest assured that they have the best CCTV installations using the best equipment on the market.

Customer Care

Our aim is to provide the best after sales customer care that can be offered, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year – you can rest assured that Ultra Vision will be there when you need us most.

Not Just A Number

At Ultra Vision our customers are not just a number or seen as £ signs as in many other companies, we look after our customers, it is not only our aim to provide the best installation and customer care but also our pleasure as we have spent decades honing our skills.

Ultra Vision Fire & Security Icon Put Your Trust in Us

Whether you are using Ultra-Vision Fire & Security to design & install new CCTV solutions or maintain the existing systems, you can put your trust in us to get the job done at the most competitive costs, we won’t let you down!

Whether it is to monitor, convict, or prevent, closed-circuit television cameras installed by Ultra Vision are indeed a benefit. So, never jeopardise your family, your possessions, your security or your safety.


Monitor Your Property Remotely From Wherever You Are